FASTAB Pricing

FASTAB Interactive Ad Hoc Table-Making Program. This program allows clients or project directors to easily generate high-quality tables and graphics themselves from any MERLIN inverted data base. These MERLIN files exist in every job--no need to create them especially! Only the variables that are requested are read from the data base, so FASTAB tables are very fast in the making! The Windows 95 FASTAB leases for $395 per user/per year for a single user, but prices get as low as $100 with larger quantities.

FASTAB is included with the MERLIN Professional Package for all in-house users. For external customers, the price is very reasonable. The MERLIN licensee purchases a block of annual licenses for external distribution. The pricing per license gets lower as the quantity increases. One license sells for $395 per user/per year. The next four licenses (above the one-license lease price) sell for $345 per user/per year. After the first 5 licenses, they sell for $295 per user/per year. After the first 10 licenses, the price is $245, and so on according to the following schedule.

FASTAB Pricing Schedule

1 license @$395/year
2nd - 5th licenses @$345 each
6th - 10th licenses @$295 each
11th - 20th licenses @$245 each
21st - 50th licenses @$145 each
51st and greater numbers of licenses @$95 each

For example, a user who leases 40 licenses, would pay these lease fees:

1st license = $ 395
2nd - 5th 4@$345 = $1,380
6th - 10th 5@$295 = $1,495
11th - 20th 10@$245 = $2,450
21st - 40th 20@$145 = $2,900

Total $8,620

For 40 users this comes to an average of $215.50 per user/per year